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Sister companies


Company R. JELINEK GROUP SE was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Netherlands and includes investments of Rudolf JELINEK worldwide. Currently, the largest producer of fruit spirits of the highest quality. On the website www.rjelinek.com you find basic information about subsidiary companies.

The Czech joint-stock company RUDOLF JELINEK a.s., headquartered in Vizovice, is one of the largest producers of fruit distillates in Europe. The traditions in the production of fruit distillates in Vizovice date back to 1585, while the company itself was founded in 1894 and it is mostly known today for its plum rakia, which has had enormous success not only in the Czech Republic, but across the world as well. Beside its various types of fruit distillates, the firm also produces other high quality fruit distillates, including plum, apricot, cherry, apple and other. RUDOLF JELÍNEK has increased its presence on the global markets also through other international investments across the globe.

RUDOLF JELÍNEK Slovakia headquartered in the city of Skalica was founded in 1999 as the exclusive importer of the brands of “RUDOLF JELÍNEK” for Slovakia.

RUDOLF JELÍNEK – S.A. Chile, based in the city of Chile specializes in the purchasing of fruits, production of fruit distillates and their sale. Chile is one of the world’s largest producers of pears outside of Europe. The high-quality of Chile’s pears, known for their high sugar content, makes them a perfect addition to the production of pear distillate. The subsidiary’s total production is made for the markets of the European Union, mainly Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.

RUDOLF JELÍNEK USA – the history of „RUDOLF JELÍNEK“ in the USA began in 1934 when Rudolf Jelínek himself began exporting kosher slivovitz to the US. Currently this is one of the most important markets for the company, with the firm continuing to expand its presence on the continent.

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