Other fruit rakia

High-quality fruit rakia made in accordance with tradition

“VINPROM TROYAN” produces a wide range of high-quality fruit rakia that has continued to grow in diversity.

Following careful selection, the company uses only the finest and freshest of fruits that undergo specialized processing based on a classical technology – with no added artificial flavors, spirit or sugar.

Old apricot rakia

Old apricot rakia 0.5 L

An excellent 5-year old apricot rakia made from the highest quality apricot distillate.

The classical production technology preserves the soft flavor and outstanding fragrance of fruit.

Pear rakia Williams

Pear rakia Williams (0.5 L)

A unique product made from the fruits of the special Williams sort of pears, renowned for its strong fragrance and excellent flavor.

Quince rakia

Quince rakia 0.5 l

A special fruit rakia, produced from the highest quality quince distillate.

By virtue of its classic technology, used by our master distillates, the rakia is characterized with a well-balanced fragrance and taste of quince.

Sour cherry rakia

Sour cherry rakia (0.5 L)

Original fruit rakia.

Sour cherry rakia is produced from high quality cherry distillate.

Rakia Mirabelle

Rakia Mirabelle 0.5 l

“VINPROM - TROYAN” offers to the true admirers of plum rakia one untraditional 3-year-old rakia made from Mirabelle plums.

Our technologists have carefully selected and processed the best fruits from the special plum sort – Mirabelle.

Peach Rakia

Peach Rakia (0.5 l)

Wonedrful rakia produced from sweet and juicy peaches. The aroma is intensive of fresh fruits. Taste is balanced and smooth. Suitable as digestive. Pure joy for connoisseurs.

Offered in a bottle 0.5L

Pear rakia

Pear rakia

An excellent product made from ripened pears with a soft flavor and unique aroma.

The product has a long-lasting aftertaste of fresh pears.

Apricot rakia

Apricot rakia

Apricot rakia made from ripened apricots with a soft flavor and a pleasant fragrance.

Apple rakia

Apple rakia

Fruit rakia made from ripened Bulgarian apples, prepared following a special technology, which preserves the characteristic apple flavor and fragrance.

Cherry rakia

Cherry rakia

A unique fruit rakia, made from late sorts of cherries with a typical taste and fragrance.

Gift set - 3 miniatures

Gift set - 3 miniatures

Original gift set - elegant box with 3 miniatures of 50 ml.

The set contains Old Troyan plum rakia 7 years, Pear rakia Williams and Old apricot rakia.

Balkan apricot

Balkan apricot

A spirit drink with apricot flavor.