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General Conditions

General Conditions for using the site www.vinprom-troyan.bg

Attention! Read carefully the General Conditions, before to start using this website. If you are using this website it is accepted that you agree with the listed below General Conditions. This site doesn’t have the purpose to encourage the usage of alcohol. Only 18+ adults can order alcoholic drinks.

The current GENERAL CONDITIONS are setting the contractual legal relations for sales of articles or services from a distance between “VINPROM - TROYAN” AD and the users: a legal entity or an individual; of the online store positioned at the domain www.vinprom-troyan.bg and its subdomains and using the information services offered by “VINPROM – TROYAN” on the site.

The present General Conditions are regulated by the Bulgarian and the European Legislation and in particular The Customer Protection Act and The E-commerce Law, The Regulation about The Wine and The Alcoholic Beverages, The Copyrights Law, The Law on Obligations and Contracts, The Law on Postal Services etc.


"General Conditions" is the current document which regulates the relations between the User and the Retailer and which is an exceptional property of the Retailer according the meaning of The Copyrights Law in Bulgaria.

„World Wide Web“ or „Internet“ are an aggregation of two or more computer networks connected through rooters or switches ensuring the transfer of data between different electronic webs based on TCP/IP Protocols.

„Site“ is the whole information accessible via Internet at the address www.vinprom-troyan.bg and contains texts and images that are intellectual property of the Retailer in accordance with The Copyrights Law of Republic of Bulgaria and also is a virtual platform for purchase and sale of items of trade in order to achieve an agreement between the Retailer and the User for a contractual purchase and sale from a distance of the articles of sale offered on the Site.

„Territory“ is the territory of Republic of Bulgaria where and only the services of the Site could be used. The Retailer doesn’t deliver the articles of sale that were ordered via the Site out of the territory of Bulgaria.

„Retailer“ is “VINPROM - TROYAN” AD, a company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria with Headquarter in the town of Troyan 5600, 16 Akad. A. Balevski Str., registered at the Registry Agency with BULSTAT 110030644 and VAT number BG110030644.

„User“ is an adult who voluntarily registered in the Site and who accepted and is obliged to keep the current General Conditions for purchasing the offered in the Site articles of sale. Delivery of alcohol beverages is possible only if the User has turned 18 years old and the User should prove the age with ID card to the courier company at the delivery of the articles of trade. In case that the User cannot prove or refuses to prove the required age the Retailer will not hand over the articles of trade and all the administrative and transport expenses must be covered by the User.

„Legal Entity“ is a valid company registered on The Territory in accordance with the current legislation or is an authorized person who made the registration at the Site and who fully accepted and is obliged to keep the current General Conditions for retailing of articles of trade that are offered on the Site.

„Registration“ is a procedure for giving data and information by the User in the registration Form which information is necessary for the purpose to purchase and sale articles of trade through The Site.

„Registration Form“ is an electronic form which the User must fill in for the purpose of the Registration.

„Personal Data“ are the data and the information given by the User during the process of registration of Individuals.

„Articles of Trade“ are the offered on the Site goods by the Retailer for purchasing by the User.

„Contract for Purchase and Sale from Distance” or „Remote Sale“ is a bilateral agreement between the Retailer and the User with which the deal for purchasing and selling of articles of trade is complete.

„Purchase“ or „Online sale“ is the confirmed by the User’s side intentions to buy articles of trade via electronic way which goods must be delivered by the Retailer

„Courier” is a retailer who delivers the goods that the User bought to an address given by the User in accordance with the Law on Postal Services of Republic of Bulgaria.

 „Working Day“ is the day when the Banks in Republic of Bulgaria are carrying out activities.

„Nonworking Day“ or „A Day off“ is the day which is not working /Saturday and Sunday/ or a day that was announced as a nonworking or is an official holiday of Republic of Bulgaria.

"Cash on Delivery" is a way of payment performed at the delivery of goods of trade or services by the meaning of the Law on Postal Services of Republic of Bulgaria.

„Refusal of Purchased Good“ is the right of the User to refuse an order in accordance the Purchase and sale Contract from a Distance according article 50 by the Consumer Protection Law.

„Offsetting“ is the right of the Retailer to offset the receivables from the User for administrative, transport and courier expenses that are due by the User in case of refusal of the delivered goods.

1. Conditions for using the site of the Retailer

With the completion of the registration on this Site, the User confirms and declares a consent with the current General Conditions. The information services of the Site were submitted in the order as they were published, and the Retailer keeps the responsibility for the accuracy of the published information. The Retailer is not responsible and will not engage with any terms for announcing information about orders generated by the User and the status of his or other Users questions and inquiries concerning articles of trade, quantities, also about lost profits and damages of all kind that resulted after a technical problem or prophylaxis etc. of the Site. The Retailer is not responsible in any cases when the User was using the Site and material damage or loss of information occurred to equipment used by the User and the expenses are entirely for the User. 

With the acceptance of the current General Conditions the User is informed that the Site shows up the available quantities of the goods and they are applicable at the current moment of review. Taking into account the dynamics of the goods turnover it is possible some goods pointed as available on the Site to be out of stock and not to be available for delivery via the Site. The order has status of a Request until the Retailer confirms the availability of the goods. Only after being confirmed the generated request becomes a deal and the contract for purchase and sale from a distance is considered signed. There is a possibility the parameters for terms and ways of delivery to be changed through the Site and the Retailer is obliged to inform on time the User for the changes that occurred on the e-mail or telephone given. In such cases the User should agree with the changes that occurred to validate the Contract for purchase and sale from a distance.

To use the service of the Site the User must get access to the World Wide Web through devices that have access to web based content /a computer, a mobile phone, a tablet  etc./ and Internet. The Retailer is not responsible for any technical problems that disrupt the work of the Site in connection to the equipment that the User is using. The User must register by filling a registration form through which the User declares that he provides actual and accurate information, which is necessary for purchase and sale deal from a distance. The Retailer is not responsible for mistakes done by the User and has the right to refuse access to the User to the services offered on the Site.

Accepting the current General Conditions the User agrees to receive commercial messages with information about promotions on the Site. These commercial messages are not considered unrequested by the meaning of the E-commerce Law. In case when the User doesn’t want commercial messages he should mark the refusal at the contact forms listed in the Site.

2. Personal Data Protection

"VINPROM - TROYAN“ AD as an Administrator of Personal Data, collects, keeps and stores personal data for the clients. The Retailer is an Administrator of Personal Data on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria and processes the collected data only according his own needs and don’t abuse of them. The given personal data will not be given to third parties with commercial or advertising purposes. The User must agree his personal data to be collected. Every User has the right to access his personal data after filling a request form. The User can ask the Retailer to delete or correct the personal data.

3. Copyrights

The User can use all the services on the Site for personal purposes and not with commercial use if they don’t violate the Copyrights of the Retailer or third parties connecter to the Retailer. It is forbidden the materials on this Site to be copied, processed or publicly distributed by the User. The Retailer keeps the rights to give the materials published on the Site to third parties with a signed contract. When buying articles of trade that are a subject of copyrights the Retailer must use and publish only the data allowed from the Producer of the goods. All the articles of trade given to the Retailer are under the Copyrights Law protection and are offered to the User in their original packages according the licenses and the distribution rights given by the producers for Republic of Bulgaria. The links on the Site leading to other sites are only for convenience of the User. When the User is using those external links leading to other sites the General Conditions don’t apply. The Retailer is not responsible for the information and the content of other third parties sites. All risks occurring with such sites are for the User.

4. Items of retail on the Site

The Information for the goods on the Site is filled in. At the page for every article of trade is provided information about price, characteristics and additional information helping for informed choice for the purchase of the User. The Retailer is not guilty for inaccurate descriptions.

The Retailer has the right to publish information about different Trade Marks in English and other languages, when:

а) There is a threat that a translation will lose a lot from the information or the characteristics of the goods;

б) There isn’t a suitable terminology in Bulgarian language;

в) The goods are carrying information in English or other language.

All the prices on the Site are in BGN with included VAT. In case that the goods carry few modifications, on the page are visible the prices of all the modifications.

5. Buying from the Site

The User has the right to order all the articles of sale on the Site. The User has the right to choose the type, the Trade Mark and the quantity of the goods as well as the terms of payment and delivery from the available options on the site. The user can change the chosen goods at any time before the final confirmation of the on-line order. When the order is confirmed, the Contract for sale is considered signed according the current General Conditions and the order will be finalized when the Retailer confirms and accepts the order. The Retailer has the right to change the prices without notifying preliminary the User. The User is obliged to pay the indicated price on the Site. When technical problems occur with the published information and the order cannot be executed, the Retailer could refuse the delivery without any consequences and doesn’t own any penalties to the User except the amount of money deposited by the User for the goods. The Retailer could ask for advance payment depending on the type and the quantities of the ordered goods. In cases when the User rejects the advance payment, the order will be canceled. The Retailer can ask for signing an individual contract before the delivery if the ordered goods are big in quantities and high price. In this case the Site is used as an information platform for the type and the availability of the goods and the signed individual Contract is not considered as a Contract for sale from distance.

6. Personalization of labels

The Retailer gives the possibility to the User to order certain goods with personalized labels. This service allows low cost changes of the label of the product in terms of printing additional text and information according the User’s wishes and approved by the Retailer as content, fonts etc. In all cases the text is not allowed to be obscene, discriminating etc. and to break personal rights or copyrights of third parties. The Retailer has the right to censor the texts or to cancel the order. The User carries the full responsibility for all violations in connection to the personalization of the labels has to pay all  the penalties and compensations that occurred.  

7. Payment of the ordered goods and services

Via Bank Transfer, the User pays the amount of money equal to the delivered goods in accordance. The User can pay through the available on the site payment methods. The Retailer has to receive the full amount of the money in his account. All the bank fees are entirely an expense for the User. Cash on Delivery payments - the User is obliged to pay the full price of the ordered goods on the moment of the delivery to the courier or the company representative.

8. Delivery of ordered goods

The terms for delivery are from 24 hours to 4 days after the confirmation of the order and these terms could extend, during the period of official holidays. A delay in the terms for delivery is acceptable and the User must be informed about this by the Retailer. The way of delivery is chosen by the User and the Retailer has the right to extend the delivery terms up to 7 days.  

The Used has the right to specify a day for delivery. The Retailer can ask for additional confirmation on the phone about the order and if the User doesn’t confirm the order will be canceled. The price of the delivery will be automatically calculated and the User can see it before finalizing the order in the customer’s basket. If the delivered goods are damaged the User must fill up the documents for complaint and to give them to the courier. The Retailer must be informed about the problem. If the User don’t check the delivery and later on try to place a complaint for damaged goods the complaint will be rejected. If the User cannot receive the goods in the specified terms the order will be canceled and the Retailer doesn’t have to deliver the goods again.

9. Refusal of goods

The User can return the goods that he ordered in 14 days period after the payment. This is valid only for goods that were not used and opened. In case of refusal the Retailer will refund all the payments that were made excluding the expenses for delivery. The goods must be returned in their original package with all the documents for the payment.

10. Others

The Retailer has the right to send an information about promotions, new products, change in the conditions for delivery etc. and these will not be considered as unsolicited messages. The goods and the services that this site offers are only for the territory of Bulgaria. For additional questions the User must call the personnel from the section CONTACTS during the working hours from 07:30 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday. Using the Site every person is obliged to keep the current General Conditions and the current legislation of Republic of Bulgaria.

The User agrees to the terms for using the site and clicking on any link in this site means that he accepts the General Conditions and is obliged to follow them.

 The address of the Retailer:

Troyan 5600, ul. “Akad. A. Balevski” 16


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