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About us

“VINPROM - TROYAN” AD is the Bulgarian national leader in the production of natural fruit distillates and rakia.

The company purchases more than 5,000 tons of fruit every year, which are then processed under a special traditional technology that preserves the genuine flavor and fragrance of the Troyan Plum Rakia.

Plum distillates form over 90% of the company’s total production, which also includes products made from apricot, apple, pear and cherry distillate.

The Troyan plum rakia was entered into the European register for protected geographical indication and holds numerous honors, awards and medals from prestigious international and national forums and tastings.

Since 2007 “VINPROM – TROYAN” AD has been a part of the Czech holding company RUDOLF JELÍNEK, which is one of the largest producers of fruit distillates in Europe.

The company maintains long-lasting trade relations with international partners in the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia and the US, with the company exporting their products there each year.

The fruit distillates of “VINPROM – TROYAN” AD also hold the KOSHER certificate in production and are in compliance with the Jewish culinary traditions.


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