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Plum orchard

The Project VINPROM TROYAN GARDENS started few years ago. The clearing of the abandoned more than 25 years ago plum garden took nearly two years of preliminary activities. The area has been turned into a wild forest, a badly neglected old plum garden. The planting of the new trees started on 1-st of August 2018 on nearly 380 decares of land at the area of village of Debnevo. Four types of plum trees were planted: Stanley, Yo Yo, Top end and Chachanska lepotitsa. 95% of the rooting was successful. There is optimal growth which will lead to fruit-bearing during the 3-rd and 4-th year. In 2019 we have bought agricultural machinery for cultivation and maintenance of the fruit garden. The project aims to recover the tradition of growing plum trees in the region of Troyan and successfully to continue the production of the famous Troyan Plum Brandy. From 2022 we also take care of 33 decares of plum garden next to the Troyan Monastery.

On September 10, 2022, we plan to invite guests to Plum Picking to see where the Trojan plum brandy comes from.

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