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“VINPROM –TROYAN” is the historical successor of the rakia-production traditions in the region of Troyan. Founded in 1948 as a section of the State Spirit Monopoly, with its main field of activity being related to the production of Troyan plum rakia, as well as apple rakia, with the company also responsible for the trade of its products. In order to fulfill these goals, the company had several well equipped distilleries in different villages across the region and one trade storehouse in the city of Troyan itself.

In 1959 the company becomes an independent enterprise and begins modernization, after it installed the first modern distillation column along with the traditional distillation apparatus. Due to growth in production and a need for further perfecting of the production technology, the company builds a new modern facility in 1968 with a processing capacity of 6000 tons of fruits and storage houses for aging under a classical technology of over 800 tons of plum rakia, which it sustains and develops under the name of “Troyan plum rakia” up to today.

During the 1990s, with the demonopolization of the sector the state-owned company “VINPROM – TROYAN” was established. Following a series of transformations and a 1997 mass privatization, the joint-stock company “VINPROM –TROYAN” was established. 2007 the majority share of the company was acquired by Europe’s largest producer of fruit distillates, the Czech firm “RUDOLF JELÍNEK” a.s and from 2010 became a part of R. JELINEK GROUP SE. The company maintains long-lasting trade relations with international partners in the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia and the US, with the company exporting their products there each year. The fruit distillates of VINPROM – TROYAN AD are holding a KOSHER Production Certificate and are in compliance with the Jewish culinary traditions. 

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