Екскурзия във ВИНПРОМ-ТРОЯН АДOur company honours and preserves the traditions of producing the Troyan plum rakia.

Now we are thrilled to announce that we are opening our factory for visitors, offering the wide public a tour experience across the production departments of the factory.

This opportunity would allow you to get a sneak peek of some of the secrets of producing our bespoke fruity brandies and see for yourself that rakia making is an art form that follows a variety of modern, but also ancient production processes.

VINPROM-TROYAN ExperienceThis experience is also part of the local Troyan campaign for raising awareness and touristic appeal in the region.

The visits are offered in the form of guided tours by experts who will reveal and explain the details of each stage of the production process - fruit reception, fermentation department, distillation column, warehouse for aging distillates and bottling of finished products.

Every tour ends with a tasting of our products.







Guided visit of fruit reception facilities, fermentation and distillation departures, warehouse for aging distillates and tasting of 3 types of aging rakia

12 BGN

With a present

Standard with present
(a bottle of Old Troyan rakia, 0,2 l)

18 BGN

With a special present

Standard with present
(a bottle of Old Troyan rakia, 0,2 l with a special label at customer’s request)

22 BGN


The project is intended for both self-organized groups and travel agencies with a minimum of 10 participants per visit.

Visits are offered every working day from 8:00 to 15:00 upon prior request.

There is an option of organizing visits on Saturday only of requested and arrange with a weeks’ notice.

Groups that wish to order a special gift – a bottle with a special label must book their visit 3 weeks in advance in order to specify the label by theirs wish.

For more information and bookings:

Desislava Yordanova
Tel: +359 877 370 884