Troyan plum rakia

Plum tree

The favorable climate conditions in the area of the city of Troyan are a natural prerequisite for the development of arboriculture, mostly of plums. The Troyan plum is the main ingredient in the production of the famous Troyan plum rakia.

The production of plum rakia in the region of the city of Troyan dates back to the middle of the XIX century. As evidence of this there are multiple artifacts exhibited at the local historical museum, such as unique clay caldrons and a double ritual Ibrik for both mulled and cold plum rakia, used during the traditional local customs.

Troyan monastery - engraving

The production of plum rakia is emblematical for the city. The annual Fair of the plum and the Troyan plum rakia acts as a testament to this.

The tradition of distillation of Troyan plum rakia was born in the Troyan monastery. The secret production techniques of the “”live water” later overcome the walls of the monastery and are spread throughout the whole region.

A vessel with seven-years troyan plum rakia

With great care and respect towards the past, „VINPROM TROYAN“ has kept and developed these long-held traditions up to today. The natural fruit distillates of „VINPROM TROYAN“ are made from the finest and freshest of fruit of the highest quality.

The Troyan plum rakia is made from blue plums that are entirely harvested in the region of the city of Troyan and its vicinity.

The whole process of production is carefully observed by the firm’s technologists, who control each stage of the fruits’ treatment – milling, fermentation distillation and storage of the finished products. The special technology which is used by the master distillates of the company preserves the fruit flavors and fragrance of the finished distillate, while the supplementary qualities of the plum rakia are further enhanced through aging in oak barrels.