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Екскурзия във ВИНПРОМ-ТРОЯН АДOur company honours and preserves the traditions of producing the Troyan plum rakia.

Now we are thrilled to announce that we are opening our factory for visitors, offering the wide public a tour experience across the production departments of the factory.

“Троянска Бъклица” брой 9

Корица на списание “Троянска Бъклица” брой 9

Представяме ви новия брой на “Троянска бъклица”! Разберете колко отличия за най-добра сливова ракия сме печелили през годините!

Кой стана служител на годината и кои са най-новите партньори на “ВИНПРОМ-ТРОЯН” АД - тези и още много любопитни факти от живота на “ВИНПРОМ-ТРОЯН” ви очакват в този брой на фирменото ни списание!

Troyan plum rakia

Plum tree

The favorable climate conditions in the area of the city of Troyan are a natural prerequisite for the development of arboriculture, mostly of plums. The Troyan plum is the main ingredient in the production of the famous Troyan plum rakia.

History of “VINPROM –TROYAN”

Photos of the history of VINPROM –TROYAN Photos of the history of VINPROM –TROYAN Photos of the history of VINPROM –TROYAN

“VINPROM –TROYAN” is the historical successor of the rakia-production traditions in the region of Troyan. Founded in 1948 as a section of the State spirit monopoly, with its main field of activity being related to the production of Troyan plum rakia, as well as apple rakia, with the company also responsible for the trade of its products. In order to fulfill these goals, the company had several well equipped distilleries in different villages across the region and one trade storehouse in the city of Troyan itself.



“VINPROM - TROYAN” AD is the Bulgarian national leader in the production of natural fruit distillates and rakia.

The company purchases more than 5,000 tons of fruit every year, which are then processed under a special traditional technology that preserves the genuine flavor and fragrance of the Troyan Plum Rakia.

Plum distillates form over 90% of the company’s total production, which also includes products made from apricot, apple, pear and cherry distillate.