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The Czech joint-stock company “RUDOLF JELÍNEK”, headquartered in Vizovice, is one of the largest producers of fruit distillates in Europe.

Traditions in the production of fruit distillates in Vizovice date back to 1585, while the company itself was founded in 1894 and it is mostly known today for its plum rakia, which has had enormous success not only in the Czech Republic, but across the world as well.

History of “VINPROM –TROYAN”

Photos of the history of VINPROM –TROYAN Photos of the history of VINPROM –TROYAN Photos of the history of VINPROM –TROYAN

“VINPROM –TROYAN” is the historical successor of the rakia-production traditions in the region of Troyan. Founded in 1948 as a section of the State spirit monopoly, with its main field of activity being related to the production of Troyan plum rakia, as well as apple rakia, with the company also responsible for the trade of its products. In order to fulfill these goals, the company had several well equipped distilleries in different villages across the region and one trade storehouse in the city of Troyan itself.

RUDOLF JELÍNEK – spirit drinks and distillates

“RUDOLF JELÍNEK” is one of the largest producers of spirit drinks and distillates in Europe. The firm’s trademark product is the slivovitz – Cezch plum rakia of the highest quality.

The company also produces various untraditional distillates – Mirabelle plum, blackberry, blackcurrant and others. The top products of “RUDOLF JELÍNEK” are the rakias from the Kosher series.